I am Jari, a master of organization, and expertly versed in the arts of rest & relaxation. We live in a world that is changing rapidly before our eyes. As the world around us changes it naturally calls us to change with it.

“Change isn’t always easy, but it is necessary.” – Jari G.

Jari G. Planning is not a service for the faint of heart. Through my own journey to bring more balance, clarity, & organization into my life, I learned that this process is a very intimate one & requires me to be fully present to achieve the outcome(s) I want. It was time to say goodbye to burn out, feelings of confusion & physical clutter. There comes a point in everyone’s life where the decision to shift & pivot falls solely on ourselves. I enjoy working with individuals, groups, teams that are looking to bring Balance, Clarity, & Organization in their lives & workspace.

“Change is a choice. Whether you stay the same or reach your personal and professional goals, that is a choice.” – Jari G.

Balance: I used to be a workaholic and I wasn’t in denial about it. I simply didn’t realize there was any other way to be. I was working even passed the point of burn out, because that was all anyone around me showed me. I was often made to feel like balance was a luxury that was only granted to those with the financial means to take a pause. People who know me have heard me say, “work smarter not harder.” I wanted to increase my productivity, turnaround my attitude, and show up in healthier ways. I was ready to put in the work – so I did!

Clarity: Having focus is an art which means it takes consistent practice. It’s through clarity that we realize why we are here, who & how we are meant to serve, and what we should be doing in our lives.

Organization: The decluttering & reorganization of my space was essential to maintaining the balance & clarity that I was working to nurture. By removing old clothes, nick-nacks, and mementos I was releasing everything attached to them that was no longer – and never was – needed for my success. What used to be a once-a-year practice now happens at least three times throughout the year. I find that the air in my home feels cleaner, I am happier, my mind feels at ease, and I can focus.    

In my leisure I can be found immersing myself in art, reading, reflecting, and building on new insights that I have learned. We all deserve a moment to pause & pivot ourselves towards what we value most and I am excited to walk that journey with you.

“I am focused, motivated & disciplined” – Mantra 

Consierge | Master Organizer | Writer