Meditation is My Medicine

These last couple of days I was on the verge of falling a part.  I haven’t had much of an appetite and so I wasn’t eating.  In a blink of an eye the womyn staring back at me in the mirror seemed only like a shell of herself.  I miss being in love and I miss who I was when I was expressing it.  The shine has dimmed a little, but it has in no way diminished.

“No one can validate you other than yourself.”

I was reminded of this fact and as I meditated on it I know with every bone in my body for those words to be true.  I know that with time, letting go, and by being kinder to myself and my body that I will feel well again.  I am love and I am not dead.  What I feel sucks and is unfortunate, but eventually…that too will lessen.

  • A Daily Reminder

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