They told me meditate.

Don’t rush things outside of your control
Stop this self induced suffering…
Where were you with your words
when I needed them;
the past is irrelevant
in your present
let it go.
She told me wait
four letter words
unknown to me how much I
subconsciously hated it…
Where was this breath
I didn’t understand existed;
Stuck in my throat
You’ve been holding on to it.

They told me meditate
free your mind from the chains
of terrors that no longer exists
time to leave the rabbit hole
it serves no purpose here.

They told me breathe;
inhale the poison circling around you
cleanse it in lavender
breathe out and release
The damage to the body has been done
imprinted into skin’s memory;
move slow
take space
know peace
walk in the sun
no more hiding from self.

become aware of self
take back the control of you
and breathe.

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