for a moment i thought i was lost in this  odyssey alone

forced to have to navigate its waters

to steer the wheel

and somehow extend myself to manage the rest

of what stops us from sitting dead in the waters…


when you called me that night

to tell me that you had kissed someone

listening to every syllable i slipped back into

the armor i had shed for myself, 

thus for you, 

and the spite that once used to coat my lips,

salivating enough hurt to share,

causes my heart to change the rythm of its beat

your lies seemed to have neatly carved out the love we shared

been replanted else where;  its roots fading into nothing

because a confession to a kiss would become so much more

it would stain every image, every promise, every possible truth after

the callousness of your honesty leaves me hollow some days

with out wanting to i slip in and out of fuck it mode

see i should be

too woke to want to cause destruction

too blessed, to up, to busy makin it rain on myself

but you niggas who claim to be woke

stay wanna try a homie,

and that makes me want to throw sense out the fuckin window

and go off,

all the way off;

make it hot and poppin so maybe you’ll believe me

when i say it’s all love till its not papi…

but i must protest against this self mutiny 

i see coming 

cuz we just got no time to get lost in old cycles 

i wanna ride this wave to forgiveness

so I can feel a little more kinder 

a little more rested 

And a lot more lifted…



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