Young warrior lying there 

Forced to wear his hands around her neck 

As if they were necklaces 

You are not alone 

I see you 

I see you 

In the bruises he forced you to wear 

For decoration 

I see you

In the slits that glow in summer time

When olive tones brown

Until we feel more like ourselves again 

Warrior sister warrior brother 



Tiredly lying there 

You are not alone

I see you 

It’s a sad, how we 

Understand this feeling 

This truth we carry with us 

Literally on our body 

Through our shaping of love 

This love that only ever

seems to want to oppress us

With its body 

Fuck that

Know that I love looking into 

Those twin windows 

Your souls hide behind 

I love listening to the music

We try to minimize 

Behind closed mouths 

Because pieces of our smile

Are still foreign to us 

Know that I adore 

That quiet dip and wave 

“Hey guys” 

That you do when you meet 

Big groups for the first time 

It makes me laugh 

Know that I love it when 

When you say, I’m screaming 

With a dead serious face 

It tickles me senseless

Warrior sisters 

I see you 

Know that it’s endearing how you 

Try so hard to puff your chest 

When all you need it’s to 

Lift those eyes 


Your dreams live ahead of you 

Know that I love and praise 

The risks you take 

When you choose to live 

For more than yourself 

Warrior brothers I see you 

And I love you

We are so much more 

Than where we have been 

Am I’m grateful to have made it here

With you

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