It hurts 

The way the cells in my body

Come alive 

Every time I hear you speak 

When you say my name 

It’s easier to breathe 

And I 

Hate it 

Because it means 

I’ve fallen in love again 

And it means 

That love didn’t choose me 

So it hurts 

The way I seem to 

Come alive 

At the thought of you

It hurts the way
It’s so easy for lies to 

Drip from between those lips 

As they rot my eardrums 

Pounding on them until I’m deaf

To everything but it 

Yes, it hurts the way 

Broken promises seem to be 

A part of your DNA 

Man it hurts 

It fuckin hurts 

To see how cowardly you run

At the thought of hard work

So you run towards

Instant gratification 

It hurts the way 
My insides echo 

Kinds words feel like poison on my tongue 

I want to breathe in spite 

With rage as my fuel 

Drown out the hurt 

Wrath is what I want to embody 

You ain’t never felt such pain

Until you gotten fucked over ruthless

By me 

Yes, it hurts the way my minds 

has to fight the body 

We are at war 

And your life is on the line

Smh yeah it hurts 

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