The Irony

This home that I want to fight tooth and nail for…

it no longer feels like home…

when I listen to gentrifies

talk about how they are trying so hard to stay

in their  neighborhood

something inside me wants to shout…

instead I breathe,

letting my eyes drink the words written on the pages

of the latest book I am reading…

I forgot how much I loved to read…

I listen to them rattle on and on:

“I bought land, ugh I finally settled somewhere”

“so expensive”

I thought it ironic

how the settlers of today

act so scorned about losing a neighborhood

that wasnt their, that no one wanted

and where those born into poverty

had to create hope when were expected to die off

shrink away…

I thought it rude how they spoke about my home

about their struggle to buy land

where families where illegally evicted


so our home could be privatized

and sold to the highest bidder…

It broke my heart

the irony…it really did

to listen to this hollow love leave their lips

when they dont even understand what struggle is

and nor do they want to…

so afraid

but unashamed to reap the rewards of a privilege

they dont want to admit exists…

oh how the settlers of today are so much

like the settlers of the past and cant seem to stop

walking in cycles like a bad habit…

Its a shame…

no longer disillusioned at what it was

and looking at what it will continue to become

I hold my home inside my heart

and let my feet guide me to healthier ground.

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