Remembering to breathe 

Remembering to soften 

My resting bitch face that is my amor 

But if I smile 

I might be flirting too much 

Speak too nice

Bumming it 

Or slayin it

They’ll say I was asking for it 

Well fuck you 

Man this is bullshit 

And quiet frankly I’m over it 
So yes 

Imma look over my glasses at you 

Imma smile back

When you want to stare me down 

I will let’s my curls bounce flawlessly 

In your face 

So you can hate on how good it smells 

And I’ll pop you with metaphorical bullets So you can hate on how classy a Queen is 

But don’t let a homie catch you alone 

Out here in these streets 

That see it all 

And tell nothing 
Fam understand 

Being on my oneness shit 

Don’t mean I’m on some holy shit

Do I look six feet 

With holes in my hand 

With thorns for a crown 

Yahweh I’m just a womyn 
Just a womyn trying her best 

To keep it togetha 

Above water 

Effortlessly floating 

But struggling to swim 

Do you know what that is? 

Trying to discipline the mind 

While my body plays catch up 

Cuz we’re so ready 

Just so ready 

Always ready 

For the flat line to drop 

On this unstable beat

This world seems to be trippin off

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