i got no need for empty promises

or wounded egos that got nothing to do with me.

i didn’t ask to be born just so you could

have someone to take out your frustrations on.

i didn’t ask to be born just so you

could take control of my mind, my spirit, my soul,

i am not your personal punching bag.

i am life giver, i am sister, i am warrior, i am abundant,

i am endless empathy for self

so i have enough to spare for others.

i sow seeds of light within myself

so hope grows roots

and this garden you see before you

shines brighter than most think possible.

i count the steps between us

unburdened by the distance;

my spirit says i can only intake so much

of the misogyny that drips from internalized lips.

its been real and we’ve tried

and you don’t get to have any of my peace.

so i bid you adieu,




this is goodbye.

-When your father has his sons in his life so he discards everything his daughter has paved the way for – 

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