I was lost in thought again.

bitter winds nipped at my cheeks

As my feet shuffled from foot to foot.

Hoping fingers would find warmth in my pockets,

I ducked my chin into my scarf,

Draping dangerously loose around my neck

And waited tiredly for the agenda to start.

I shivered as flurries found their way

Down my back

And involuntarily

Release its unwanted hello.

Catching your attention

Hands not my own

Pull at the collars of my coat.

Working the first two buttons open

I freeze in confusion

And watch practiced hands

Re-wrap my scarf

Tucking extra ends to protect my chest.

I looked up to see her eyes

Focused on her task

cheeks reddened by her closeness,

Im stiff waiting for the moment to pass.

I watched soft curls fall about her face

As she scolds me about properly

Wearing my scarf

While she buttons the last button.

Smiling straightening my collar

This blush as become a permanent stain on my cheeks.

I slightly nod my head at her wide smile

Im stuck watching her her attention slowly move away.

Feeling endearment’s warmth

With this careful display of love,

Through playful scolding

her worry of me brought,

I grab her hand in awe

Their soft like her, real like her,

Eyes honest like her

Thank you

And I will always remember her for it



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