The Upset Critic

I’ve been called a lot of things.

and some names have hurt.

and some have even tickled me senseless 

so i  laugh.

see hardened skin has solved a lot of

simple word problems folks seem to be trippin off.

but inside dont ever get it twisted

homie is fuming,

insulted at the audacity 

of the bullshit commin my way these days 

when i have done my best NOT to come out of pocket

because i’ve learned

some of ya just aint worth it. 


so let me it say it once.

back off, i bite.

let me say it two times. 

back off, i dont miss. 

let me say it as a holy trinity 

back off, back off, back off

before i gladly step off the ledge

ya wanna tip toe around.

ever seen it rain fire cuz 

chill chill my friend

you dont want it.

But if you do want it with a smile 

or with the dead look –

i let you read what you want – 

i mean aint that what you used to?

rolling with stories for days upon days 

until you realize the problem was you who couldn’t accept truth. 

when they fail at getting your attention – 

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