Let me hold up a mirror baby,

Because it seems you got me confused for someone else.

I don’t know whose been talking in your ear,

But it seems like there’s been a lot of chatter, that shouldn’t matter, but clearly it does. 

I’m just trynna grow, 

Sustain, not just maintain, the status quo we’ve been living in. 

Let me hold up a mirror so you can 

Take a look at your reflection cuz just maybe it’ll help,

Just maybe it’ll help you see, 

where we can’t come back from,

Yes. let’s just see shall we. 

Healings takin me to new levels,

I won’t be baited off my foundation,

This peace,

This love,

This light,

This lack of need to go violent 

Hell no I won’t be baited.

You’ve had enough of me 

Abuse is not a language 

That I care to entertain 

Nah b not me. 

Baby let me hold up this mirror 

So you can reflect and see 

That whatever the fuck is going on inside

Has got nothing to do with me. 

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