I was born running…

Born mentally ready to run for home.

See I’ve been trying to escape 

The hate, The status quo, the hypocrisy

This world seems to be trippin off. 

Ego so sensitive 

It shatters against the glass ceiling 

But I’ve never been one for ego. 

So I walk against the glass 

Feeling for soft spots

There’s a crack in the system 

And I’ve found it by living. 

Holding unto to life, 

To blessings upon blessings 

Held on to the time left 

Because there’s only so little I have left…

In a split of a second 

Reguardless of the discomfort 

Of pain that’ll fade 

I let it all go…

Because I was born running 

Running towards what was promised 

And what I am finally ready to receive. 


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