9 thoughts on “To Be A Giver 

  1. “No, she deserves more and better. I know what I am, a monster waiting for his clock to stop ticking. I will never stop loving her, but I hope she has stopped loving me. I hope she’s forgotten me. She deserves happiness, and I deserve to be forgotten.”

    -A “Monster”


  2. Myself: “Honestly tell me what you thought when you first saw her.”

    A “Monster”: “I thought she was the most beautiful person I had ever seen. Not for the features most people desire. What caught my attention was her eyes. These weren’t the eyes of a damsel in distress, someone who needed to be saved. No, these were the eyes of a fighter, a survivor, a brave soul who would fight for what she believed in until her last breath. Imagine the shock within myself when I was able to say that she was mine and I was hers. For I knew deep down inside, that I could live a thousand lifetimes, and never deserve her.”

    A Monster is a relative term


      1. The falcon was the monster. She, is you. And as for who I am, I’m the one looking for the truth, the truth that’s with the White Tiger. Where is he?


      2. Mmm interesting so the monster is me? Well that’s unfortunate considering I’ve known many ‘monsters’ and yet they haven’t and still don’t seem to think of themselves as one.


      1. Two were born. Then, there were three. One was adopted, count is up to four. The falcon has fallen. Down to three. One embraces love, one embraces hate, the last, struggles with both. Who survives? The love protects you, the hate dismisses you, the struggle of both does not remember you. The falcon, fell while loving you. The goddess protects you. Fear itself, dismisses you. The roaring white tiger does not remember, but loves you. You need the truth.


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