i walked freely into her waters.

drag me into the depths i tell her.

lay me to rest.

cleanse my body of this spite,

unroot the seed thats been planted,

i just got no time for hate to live inside me.

the time for mourning is over.

there is no going back,

there is no undoing whats been done,

ive accepted the ending to this chapter.

lets float back to the surface,

we’ve slept long enough in the silence

that has become our sanctuary.

the chaos that awaits

has no hold, no influence, no life to control me.

we are endless empathy.

not a sucker. there’s a difference.

no more im sorry. forgive me or leave me. simple.

exhale the water from my lungs. no more drowning.

inhale love’s memory.

smile. shine don’t just glow.

muse joyfully.

and when you begin to sit, festering in turmoil,

come find me waiting by the edges of the sea,

i will bring you home and back again.

i will wash over you. fill your lungs with clarity,

wrap you up in ocean arms,

until its time to rise again. reborn anew.

– she said to move like water – so i became an ocean – 

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