Felt myself floudering 

So I learned to swim 

Swam laps around the misogyny 

Trying to sink its hooks in me 

Nah holmes, I’m too great, no mystery to solve

I practice what I preach.

Set goals, bout to win this relay,

Break through barriers that try to separate me further from self.

Beloved don’t come seeking 

What doesn’t exsist 

You wouldn’t want to disappoint yourself. 

Forgiveness lives on the tip of my tongue 

But with all that they’ve done to awaken the warrior in me 

Pain is an unwanted neccesary friend 

That I’m no longer afraid to unleash.

No. you’ll never see her coming. 

Let peace rain down, 

Put some respect on its name

Less you finna get got,

Baby I’m too hot to get off the block.

Been itchin to play

Trigger happy mami 

With that trigger happy nani 

So clutch. 

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