More he said. So she gave until her chest caved in,

And bones broke skin.

Her insides dried up

Shriveled raisins 

Not meant for eating. 

Starved of human connection 



Lack of self preservation 

More he said. 

So she gave until 

The air pockets in her lungs bleed 

From lack of nourishment. She gave. And gave some more. Until she was a shell of herself. 

Skin hanging off thin limbs. 

What happened to you he asked?

Smiling quietly she rested her hand upon his ever hungry belly. 

You wanted more. So I gave. 

Gave all of me hoping to sustain 

The lifeline holding us together. 

I wanna see as you do he said. 

She cried smiling. 

Resting her head against his 

Humming softly 

She ripped the soul from her sockets 

Placing the pair into waiting 


Is it enough yet? She asked. 

More he said. I want more he said. 

So she laughed. Laughed sincerely 

Until the last little ray of sunshine 

Went silently into the night. 

Permanently mute. 

She didn’t scream when he stood. Filled.

Overflowing with her very being.

She didn’t cry as she counted the steps

Moving further away from the decaying shell she had become. 

She waited. 

Closed lifeless eyes until the earth wrapped around her form like a blanket 

dragging her down to its roots. 

Im so tired now. I don’t have any more to give. 

So I waited. 

Waited until roots became veins 

Pumping life back into me,

Flowers flourished inside new lungs,

Skin hard, back strong, 

New eyes birthed from soil,

I reached out with new hands,

Reborn. Rising on to new legs 

Stumbling childishly 

Laughing joyfully at the healing. 

Grateful to mother. 

I was born an infinite amount of second chances. 

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