Jingle change
“Can I get some change! Please.”
Eyes stare silently
Jingle change
“Bless for any change.”
Desensitized to the struggle
Eyes watched him walk and walk
Jingling his cup hoping for a meal that night.
Two beers in and I broke
Overflowed In disgust
Of the reality in which I find myself living in.
Mouths don’t ever seem to move.
Eye lids always seem to want to close
Moving further away from the site in front of us.
Hearts dying at the loss of humanity.
What does it say about us
When we can distance ourselves from struggle
As though it is not our own.
Jingle change.
“Please. Some change”
I die over and over
Each jingle a silent plea.
Help me. Familia. Help me.
God knows how long he’s been walkin.
His hands must be tired.
Sweaty palms from having to wear gloves all day.
El diablo did I forget to tell you…
Yeah, no legs. Hands for feet.
He walks and he walks and he walks.
Jingling cup ever so often in hand
I hold the train cart doors as he passes.
I have no money. I can’t add to the collection, so I settle for writing a piece in his name. 

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