Mistaken Identity 

Monster. Such an interesting word. Seems so easy to place it on anyone these days. 

This ‘sincerity’ doesn’t feel very sincere,

With all this name callin, yet you trynna talk about truth?

Did you forget who you were talking to? 

Monsters are people who take you in 

Butter you up

Pretend to give you family 

Only to force themselves on you 

After you’ve forgotten how to scream. 

So you build a garden in your mind that you float away to sometimes 

And there you scream 

There you watch the cracks from unseen tears 

Stretch themselves across your body threatening to shatter.

Monsters are lovers who catch you in mourning 

But only talk about their own plight 

Filling up your eardrums 

With nonessential hatred  

Call you whore

Scream you ain’t good enough

Then ask for forgiveness asking you to love’em. 

Monsters are lovers who come as friends 

But neva planned on being a friend to begin with.

I must’ve been your favorite toy, 

because the monsters can’t seem to get enough of me, 

Wanna neatly dig into every crack,

Reopen every scar, 

Fill your belly with every poison,

Slap, choke, rage from their own pain 

Until it becomes the permanent jewelry we wear.

Monsters are old lovers that neva seem to own their transgressions 

It was always something I did 

But had you been honest to begin with 

We could’ve just remained friends 

Without the mess in between. 

But see monsters are selfish like that. 

Even when they ask to see the bigger picture they only ever seem to be looking at their own reflection. 

Limited view. Limited feelings. Baby ain’t you healed yet from the past times that had nothing to do with me. 

Baby ain’t you healed yet from the lack of love momma ain’t leave you with 

Beloved tell me you learned to be full on your own two feet so you could stop looking for bodies to become the backbone 

Holding you together. 

Tell me beloved, if you’re so happy now 

And I was such a ‘monster’

Why do continue to look for me? 

– when they say they moved on but haven’t | withdrawal 

3 thoughts on “Mistaken Identity 

  1. Oh I believe we have a misunderstanding. No my dear you are not the monster. When I stated “she is you” I was referring to the person you asked about, “isn’t it her choice”. The “monster” is long gone, and forgotten, by all. But I have not forgotten, I have stayed true to him all these years. In his place now is someone who has no business being there. Ignorant to the danger that is coming, living in a bubble of lies, he betrays everything my falcon stood for. Brothers by blood, yet so different. A falcon put the world on his shoulders, and fought for what was right. The white tiger turns his back on those who need him because “it’s not my fight and no one has fought for me”. The ignorant fool. I mean no offense, but when you say that the someone had not moved on, you are mistaken. The falcon is gone, and to the white tiger, you and I don not exist. The Goddess protects you, for the promise she made to my falcon, and fear itself, well unfortunately we are insignificant pawns like many others in his plans, and I would suggest in the future, to leave his childhood and “the love momma didn’t give” out, as he is not coming for you, and those comments would only tempt the real monster to change his stance. What I need from you, is to help me find the elusive white tiger. You know who I am. California is such a beautiful place, my home which I miss very dearly. That should tell you who I am. That should tell you how far I will go for the one who I love, for even though he’s gone, I have hope that he can be returned to me, and I will stay true and the white tiger will fall if it means I get to see my beloved again. So, you know who I am and who I am not. Now, where is he?


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