im not doing this again.

not gonna internalize battles that aint mine no more,

that danced circles around my love no more,

that laughed in my face as it tried to drive us off the road no more.

no. absolutely not.

im not that bored. i got phantoms hitting me up like i got something to invest in.

if homie got all that joy then aint nothin in it for me. so what you want?

Like I wanna be the reason why phantoms reopen doors

to chapters that it took breaking bones to write. no.

absolutely not. leave me alone with that shit.

i just…

nah b.

– absolutely not | withdrawal

One thought on “Nie alweer nie

  1. She won’t be bothering you anymore. It took care of her, for it’s kin, and now her incompetence and stupidity has been forever immortalized.

    The Proud Temptress

    In her halls, full of those
    Who admired her beauty,
    With proud delusions,
    With threatening ignorance,
    She asked it loudly,
    For all to hear.
    Who are you,
    To question me?
    Who are you,
    To challenge me?
    Who are you,
    That I have to kneel?
    Her golden hair
    Proudly graced in the air.
    Standing her ground
    In her halls of Stone,
    It send chills through
    Her bones.
    She asked it again,
    Who are you?
    Now her mothers home
    Is flooded,
    Now her fathers home
    Is burning,
    Now her halls
    Are filled with bones,
    With no one to admire,
    With no one to hear.
    With no one to ask it,
    Who are you?

    Live in peace and happiness Jaritza.

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