up and down.

up and down.

side to side,

they wanna pull me in every direction. god only knows why.

But no matter, I have laid roots so deep its going to take more than force to uproot me from peace.

fear is my friend. I welcome her. how could I not? she has pushed me to new heights,

new destinations my eyes have longed to reach.

bold. free. hands open, outstretched for connection. courage.

i have waited enough. dont you think. for pain to end and peace to reign so this

fire called bravery could come wash away forgotten inconsistencies that threaten to put a hold on me. but see i refuse so when temptation comes knockin on my door. i run.

laughing at the hubris. i run. mind too precious, the body irreplaceable, this life only given once. so i run. undaunted. unafraid as fear becomes excitement. i am finally living.

– becoming the more | hooked

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