Truth is,

I didn’t want to love you.

So when I finally chose to and felt

the possibility of what could be,

I was disappointed to find,

that we would never be.

– truth be told | let go –

4 thoughts on “Truth Be Told

  1. It is not a cliff you climb
    Let go, I dare you,

    Tis not the path that’s narrow, tis your mind
    Let go, I dare you,

    Ts yourself that you hold you back
    let go, I dare you,

    I read it in your words, goodness, your soul your exposing,
    Let go, I dare you,

    You share your words, now share your life
    Let go! I dare you!
    © MET 17/66

    These those lines above inspire by your good self
    I thank you.

    Take care, best wishes,



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