• Verb
    • suffer (something painful or difficult) patiently.


  • Verb
    • allow the existence, occurrence, or practice of (something that one does not necessarily like or agree with) without interference.

Told me, “come to christ.”

peered into this small man’s soul and said, “goodbye.”

heel strikes the pavement. i need to reconnect with choice.

ears unplugged. i need to hear the winds sigh.

umbrella forgotten. i need to wash the violence off of me.

Why do we try?

Why do I try when all they seem to want to do is endure me. tolerate me.

Tell me, they accept me, but ask to me to conform to beliefs

that dont live inside me.

love me? But How?

How can you love me,

When you don’t even like me? 

if who i am is wrong to you. then how could you ever love me.

tolerate. endure. neither of those is acceptance of me. 

love me? small man please. you dont even know me.

and how could you ever when your stuck walking through

revolving doors that reaffirm this hatred,

got this love misplaced b,

soundin like revenge, but I queened up with this peace. see,

no need for prisoners. disciples by choice.

got that free will dinner

to placate the appetite.

so “take care”,

as in “ciao”,  “adios”, “bye”, “wavy”

because there ain’t no time

to have misplaced violence try and shape me.


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