this smell. i know this smell. smells like,

Another morning, brightening my room, and i can feel it.

this familiar warmth.

that make you wanna crawl right back under the covers and cuddle

till your hearts content. warmth.

that reluctant to let go

but the worlds come knockin

and it, takes time to put on that warrior suit. yet still be gentle.

so to evade the inevitable if only for a moment longer,

he dances with with me. whispered notes of gratitude, he twirls me.

rouses me from safety into waking and i know, i know this smell.

smells, like another morning sipping rose tea

watching redjays out my window. forever singing these days.

smells like, another evening wrapped up in wisteria

she feels divine. sunlight beaming, effortlessly streaming in rays for us.

got my thoughts runnin a hundred miles a minute

just to figure out ways to keep it shining. i know this smell, smells like

another evening back to building home

because it takes time to bring universes together. and she,

deserves every minute of my effort.

I know, i know this smell. because I know what it makes me feel.

this feeling, oh so familiar, i can taste it. sweet.

so much like home.



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