“If I fell in love with someone else. Could we still be friends?”

Soul shattering. The nerve. The anguish. 

The realization that deep down this doesn’t hurt like I thought it would. 

No, we cannot. Wasn’t my intention. But maybe in another life,

Where memories didn’t scar with the reality of what was, 

We could have been. But there’s been too much – 

Time, harm done to want to undo it with you. 

So no beloved, we cannot be friends, because let’s be honest 

Friendship wasn’t our foundation 

And it’d take work to start over, which

Neither one of us is actually interested in. 

So, with all this peace, enjoy, I love you. 

no longer do we have need for each other. 

I thank you.

– adieu | To Quote a Friend from Another Life 

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