Hey light skin 

Let me stand by you 

Because it makes me feel comfortable 

Ya kinda look like me but will never be me

But hey close enough 


Hey light skin 
Let me talk to you 

With that wild curly hair 

Ya just look so exotic 

It’s sexy 

Say something in Spanish 

Hey light skin 

Omg how’d you get it like that 

Can I touch it 

It smells so nice 

Oooo you’re skin is so smooth 

Well aren’t you so cute 

Hey light skin 

How come you hang out with those people 

Omg language 

You’re smart for a spanish kid 

Hey is this neighborhood safe 

Hey light skin 

You sound like a white girl

You dress like a church girl

Oh you from Bushwick, really?

Where you from? 

You look like a mix girl. 

Hey light skin 

Hey racist 

I’m not complimented by your closeness

I am paradise you are not worth of it 

Here’s some Spanish, “vete al carao, hija de gran puda.” 

This crown is natural please DO NOT proceed to touch it 

Why the fuck would you enter personal space without consent?

I’m beautiful not cute 

These people are my family 

I speak well. Stop acting hard of hearing.

I sound like my self. Black womyn and men are the creators of knowledge so NO

I do not sound like a white girl.

I dress for my comfort not for your opinion. 

I am Bushwick born and raised

I look like the coming together of 

Mother and father 

I am Jari 

A warrior speaks their mind 

Evicerate my enemies with these venomous lips 

It could tell all 

But killin it for my pockets is plenty revenge enough 

You blancos out of bounds

Don’t ever get it twisted 

Of whose side I’m on 

Hey light skin 

Hey racist, fuck you. 

– seriously fuck you | First Hit 

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