I don’t know about you But I’m ready for love 

Gotta wait till its due

No point in rushin 

I want a real one 



No skippin pass steps

Trippin is for the lonely 

And I ain’t lonely 

I’m just hella ready for love 
Oh really? Are ya now? 
Tell me 

Do you still fret 

Over the little things


Tell me 

Do you still dwell

Over scenarios that 

Never come to fruition 

Cuz it don’t live in the present 

Tell me 

Do you find yourself 

Still salty as fuck somedays

So stuck in your bag 

That you find comfort 

Livin there 
Daaamn so it’s like that? 

Yeah, so maybe I do…

Maybe somedays 

I’m so in my bag 

You don’t want to ask me my opinion

Cuz a homie is too busy ragin

Can’t see passed the jade 

So I regurgitate vomit 

Man what’s ya point? 
Are you ready is my point?
Ready for what?

The whole premise of

You being ready? So are you? Ready.
Ready for the good 

I’m offering.

Not sellin.

Cuz you can’t put a price tag 

On my shit. 

Are you ready for the 




Honesty that drip from these lips.

Are you ready for the 

Unequivocal feeling I promise to 

invoke in you.

Tell me are you ready 

Or do you simply think it?
Cuz like I said 

I don’t know about 

But I’m hella ready for love.

Ready | Let Go 

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