I am Grateful to the friends who don’t take offense, because we can call each other out with love and compassion when we aren’t feeling our best and show up in those ways.

I’m grateful to the ease in which we can say no, because we appreciate the love and kindness that rests in being able to say it.

I’m grateful for being able to reset when I need to, because this is a lifelong commitment to practice the values I wish to Embody most.

I’m grateful for the encouraged individuality, sharing of similarities, and creative innovation + bravery to transform into the people whom we want to be.

I’m grateful for the all the work already in process. We are in it. In this moment, I am greater than who I was and with every layer of me that comes undone letting go of the tension that lives in my bones; I’m able to move with the grace like the water that makes up my composition.

I am my own tempest, and it’s scary sometimes, but courage is my friend and faith is what brought me to fruition.

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