back straight, eye lashes fluttering;

its called prim and proper

they tell me i gotta look nice,

meek, just the right kinda, non thinking

forget a talk back, slave – oops, excuse me – woymn

they’d prefer me to be.

…they try to break me.

over and over and over; tell me what’s the point of having a

sense of self;

where im going don’t require self respect.

i wanna be more than

bought and sold.

i wanna be more than

the latest trend in demand

it’s hard being an original

when you’re the latest hot topic

i know you can’t get enough of this glory

but you’ve mistaken me for jesus

you won’t find salvation

unpacking in my arms.

this crown aint up for grabs

you wont find healing

in my suffering.

yahweh! i want to be more

than pick me ups for put me downs,

globe trottin through the hood

for their latest fix.

i wanna be down with sayin

“yeah girl, that shit do make you look fat. dont buy it,

because honestly you asked.”

“why do you want me to lie now?”

the truth aint always pretty.

keep me out of the competition in your head

i aint sign up for one. lets keep it smooth.

i wanna be more than the expectation

that all woymn do is fight over dick.

she is the creator of valleys,

78% of your composition

as you crawl out of wombs,

take stake in her promises,

plant faith in your actions,

speak and be light

that feeds with that natural vitamin d

blessed from the sky and know

she is the ultimate provider.

she is ocean.

she is earth.

she dies to revive wanting to be more.

so i became she.

yin without yang

until i found my half

in me.









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