“girl, what you doing?
yeah, you! I see you! look at ya! all grown now and what not.”

“giirl, what you doing?
what you been up to? whats new? how ya momma been? she still go to church?”

“giiiirrl, hey! yeah you!
what you doing? it’s so nice to see you? how is the family? how are your brothers? you still talk to your farther?”

“aaayyy, mami! como estas? como esta tu madre? y tu papa? y tu hermanos? ay, bien! tiene un novio? mira, apurate!”

“hola, mamita linda. god bless you. you been to church lately? you know he loves you. everything better at home? ay, imma keep praying for you and your family? it was good seeing you, good bless and take care.”

Growing Up Pentecostal | Her

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