i seem to hear a lot of “im woke, im woke!”
but the way you seem to move don’t feel right.
don’t like the way you try to throw shade,
this body ain’t here to hold ya insecurities.
tell me,
how can you claim being woke;
understanding with that good lovin;
when you call black folks ‘mono’?
yeah, i see how you like to kiki it up on the low.
how they beautiful one day
and a monkey the next?
guess its that self hate that’s been festering,
got you changin places when it suits you.
yeah, i said it.
oh you mad now.
cuz it’s raining truth,
got you in the spotlight,
thought it’s where you loved to be,
aint it time you stepped it up and out?
out of the bullshit that you’ve chosen to hold you back.
aint it time you stepped up and out.
out from under lifeless bodies
that only want to suck the last of ya life
out of you.
yeah, i said it.
said it cuz it needed saying.
decided to live yahweh’s way,
im content with the haters
coming out the woodworks,
good to know where we were to begin with.
im content to know truth tellers have few friends
while liers have many
who serve no purpose.
see im over the “im woke, im woke.”
im down with the waking,
student teacher of life, i understand its about staying ready.
so read up, reflect on,
and hold up that mirror
before you come a truth tellers way.
compassion is for the lost,
my sword is for those who know better.

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