they keep telling me to be still.
just sit real tight and pretty like.
got length for days,
im my own tall glass of water
i quench my own thirst.
they out here trynna lock it down,
with zero ambition,
actin like all that cute charm is all they need to go on.
brah, please. pump those breaks
ya ride aint what’s gettin you to third place.
i know you gotta save face for the homies,
but nah weak ass lines
about how im badder than the last
aint gonna get you those digits
or my ig, or my fb, please dont even try for the email;
we way pass fakin the funk for some collab shit, ya feel me.

they keep telling me to be still.
just sit real propper and lady like.
said i got the figure of a model
now lets hope she got the mind to match.
well ok, since thats how you feel.
tell me more
as i sit here,
eating my fill,
while you foot the bill.
tell me more
about how you’d love to see me in that
as we make our way to the cash register.
please, tell me more
as this ditsy model gets you
to pay these bills,
drive me door to door,
with not even a kiss goodnight.
Thank you, its been real,
but you’re just oh too “smart”
for a body like me.

they want me to be still.
become the emotionless image
they’ve come to embody,
but im quite over the depressive itch
they want to project.
im having too good of a time
tending to my garden of freedom.
they keep telling me too be still.
you movin quick these days
and im trying to catch up to ya.
they keep telling me to be still
so i slowed it down, flipped the scripted,
dummed it down and they still couldnt get it.
so i told them
keep your unchanging stillness
i was born to become art
forever changing, forever moving,
never breathing in the same sight twice.



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