I’m wild with it,

Tried to compartmentalize

The way my lips curve

When you catch me gazin.

Hella wicked the way

I tried to compartmentalize,

The way your natural perfume

causes everything else to cease from existence.

Tried to act like it don’t matter.

That I could survive

The pain beginning to erupt

From denying the heart what it wants.

Fuck that imma get what I want,

I’m tired of being hungry,

This mouth bout to stay wide open,

I plan on being fed.

This will be endless. Make no mistake.

My word is law.

Ain’t no love you’ll find as virtuous

Than this,

I want everyone to know.

Let’em see,

Make’em drool in their envy,

I want them to see how a jewel shines.

Dipped in all sorts of gold,

Devour me only to take me with you;

I am a part of what sustains you.

Sage | Her

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