ooooo they said you back and you nasty with it.
i keep tellin ’em,
ya gotta keep it pushin
like that good blue
with that good dream.
damn we lifted.
faded out of disbelief
they wanna make a dreamer out of me,
but i can’t take it.
ain’t no way i can stomach the
overall hipocrasy,
ya judgments laced in these comments.

“look at that good hair.”
“She came out so pretty.”
“she get that nice brown tone in the sun.”
“Mmm, wouldn’t she prettier if we straightened out these curls.”
“this mane is crazy. let me pull it.”
“man, if i had yo body.”
“hahaha you skinny bitch.”
“hey light skinned.”
“church girl what you doing?”
“well, ain’t she just lucky.”
“why don’t you smile for us.”

the illusion hasn’t eluded me
so how can i? smile i mean.
how can i smile
as you continue to pass down
the mandate that’s got us so damn disconnected.
crazy how all the expression of micros
projects all the ill you out here feelin.
kinda hard to take a pause,
reflect like we don’t know where that shit is rooted,
maybe that’s why i stick around our commune,
findin ways to keep on dealin
until we can breathe some of that good livin.
priorities man.



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