no. i dont just want you.

they dont know it yet
but sometimes im up before them
and there’s just enough light
for me to see while they sleep.

its interesting.
my eyes start at their hands.
maybe it’s because of
what those hands are capable of
i honestly can’t help it, but yeah they start there.
when i feel the world is still enough
i take my fingertips and touch the top
of their hand;
its soft,
long fingers that bring me back to last nights adventure.

this morning their hand can be found
patiently resting on her stomach
slowly rising and falling.
her breath becomes my point of focus,
as morning sanitation makes its way through in the backdrop.
this right here is priceless.
sometimes if i feel a shortness of breath
i find a home in the crook of her neck
and its easier again. her scents addictive.
other times im content to memorizing the sounds
behind the work her heart beat is putting in
to sustain her.

her face is the last piece i begin to memorize.
truth is
i do and i dont want to be caught looking at her.
so i settle my gaze intently on her lips
lost in thought about the last time they joked with me.
how wide they can be, revealing pearly whites.
this moment of quiet reveals the truth.

no. i dont just want you.

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