beautifully exquisite.
i wish i could know every sensation
coursing through her as she comes.
it’s when her head appears to yearn
to meet the mid of her back
that i find myself wanting to devour her.
i wish that i could wrap her scent
around me like that security blanket
that only it could get me to sleep.
is it wrong to feel this good?
is it so wrong to show it?
dont we all want to know
how the other makes us feel?
i wish i could be the eyes
she hides behind lids
when the sun decides to shine
to blind.
i wanna link visions,
birth epiphanies,
revive the best of time,
i want you to be able to see inside me.
i wish i could swim inside
the shell beating, housing her soul;
i wonder the stories i’d find living there.


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