are you ready move?
are you ready to get up
on out my way,
i aint come to play.
i picked a side
now its time for you to choose.
what can i say
when the darkness is more enticing
than the light.
try to get me to talk smooth,
but this mouth is reckless,
effortlessly spittin out truth.
what can i say
sometimes i enjoy it when it stings.
see its like breathing
and sometimes this nice talk has me suffocating.
thought maybe i’d let her loose,
let her stretch her legs,
let that tounge run a couple miles.
you have no idea,
but sometimes i just wait for ya to push that right button.
but half of ya done punked out
and got me bored here waitin;
like come on what you scared for?
what you worried for?
its all cute and games
when im out here chillin on my zen shit,
testin me, laughin like nah she aint goin pop,
till you realize zen took a break
and the devils got this tongue twisted
eagerly awaiting ya silent request for a lashing.
yeah i said it. so go on. keep testin me.
one side of me series | uno


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