What is forgivable?

What is unforgivable?

In the end is there ever a universal answer for either or does it just depend on what you choose to allow?

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  1. This question makes me dive deep and I like it. I want to be careful with my opinion but I also want to be brutally honest. See there came a time in my life where I had to accept that the actions of other people are not a perception of me or how I treat them but instead is a direct result of their own turmoil or lack there of. So if I am wronged, I cannot take responsibility for the wrong-doing which makes the action dismissible. The action is dismissed because I am not responsible for the thoughts of another person nor their emotion.

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    1. I’m your desire to provide a meaningful answer you did just that for me. You’re right. It makes me reflect on now, what is it that I need to let go of so that way I don’t internalize another’s feeling. Thank you Erika!

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