There is joy in the morning. There is warmth when I walk through the door. With explicit trust & humanity at the center of our choices I finally found my way home to what’s been cultivated inside me. Living what comes naturally. [when it’s not a job]

3 thoughts on “Organizing.

  1. A man overlooks his lands,
    He must prepare to harvest,
    He prays.
    A mother sees her child off,
    Their first time leaving her nest,
    She prays.
    A soldier shipped off to war,
    In doubt if he will return,
    He prays.
    To which god do they pray to?
    They pray for love but in return,
    Receive hate.
    A man’s crops are destroyed,
    A woman’s child abandons her,
    A soldier never returns.
    Is it fate? Is it god?
    Or was it their choices all along?
    A woman protects
    To keep a promise,
    She does not pray.
    A man fights outnumbered,
    For it is what is right,
    He does not pray.
    A woman helps those in need,
    She honors the core of humanity,
    She does not pray.
    They do not kneel to a higher power,
    They make the choice to act.
    In their endeavors, they succeed.
    Is there a god? Is it simply a choice?
    Prayers have never stopped the thieves,
    the murderers, the mad men, the usurpers.
    Men and women, with their actions,
    Have stopped many of great things.
    What will you choose to do?
    Pray for your brothers and sisters to get justice?
    Or act to bring that justice to light?
    The world is watching.


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