welcome organizers! are you ready?

Here is what Embodied Coaching means in our growing community of innovative change makers! Rusia Mohiuddin, the creator of Universal Partnership, makes it very clear what is needed in order to create internal & external change that is both intentional & has impact. Get Grounded. Get Centered. It’s time to in Rusia’s words, “align our heart, mind, & actions with the core values that we want to embody.”

It’s not easy to engage in self reflective work, on some level you have to be willing to admit when your ego is in play, not many people can do this. I have to say though, through practice, I have seen the fruits of my labor & opportunities I have been able to make possible for myself. The reality is that it is a choice. It’s Your Choice! It’s your choice to choose something that will help you safely & transparently hold up the mirror to challenge you in order to become living vision you see yourself to be.


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