Being published by someone you have grown to respect as a mentor, colleague, & friend is everything!

 Rusia – Universal Partnership

NSF: Charting The Course R’16                 Accessing Higher Education   

Young, Relentless, & Still hopeful.

Bushwick Action Research  & Learned Lessons

 From the Donors Who Fund.

 School Climate & Discipline NYC Report

What can I say, but the reality of what I see & experience. People treat each other so callously to fill this insatiable need to exploit others & it has to end!

Causing All the Right Stirs.

#BeHeard – Jaritza tells Youth to Get Active!  #BeHeard – FULL

Student’s Can’t Afford a Monthly Metro!   Quoted by Schott Foundation

A Snippet.

Around the time that organizing & I found each other, this was one of the many policy changes & new legislation that my peers & I advocated for. Pass the Student Safety Act!