Push and Pull

We have this push and pull

me and you…

With hands like the ocean

you try to pull me back in,

with no success,

my heart just don’t beat the way it used to…

You try to hold my head above water

but I wanna go back

Back to love that glittered like gold

Back to when love wrapped its arms around me

until its warmth soaked into my bones…

Take me back to where my love was an ocean

that washed over your scars,

drowned out your secrets,

that build dams against the haters

crippling their words before they could ever

reach your ears….

We seemed to have this push and pull

So I guess you forgot that if you pulled away

it meant I’d sink

so now here we are beloved

with hands that have lost their consistency

I need you to let me go now.

The look in your eyes,

the doubt in the trembling of your fingers

are not enough to keep me a float anymore…

Don’t look so afraid,

See, when your love is an ocean,

when it promises to carve new canyons

rivers and valleys for you

It too will find me another

My love will nip at their shores

pulling them closer and closer

until new love drags me into its waves

and at the end of this tempest

find me waiting stronger and more alive then I was before.

– wading through a tempest-