End Quote.

Silence was the past time Until her hips sung across Wooden floorboards; She’s got me spinning in circles. I yearned for night And she brought with her the day; Fire, unflinching, Even as my waves Touch the tips of her flame. End Quote

Sip On It.

Hungry for it? Come sip from this fountain. I said sip, not guzzle. Darling, are you trying to choke? Let’s not behave desperately. I wanna feel every minute of work you put in. Thirsty for it. Come eat all this divinity Until I say stop of course.


I’m wild with it, Tried to compartmentalize The way my lips curve When you catch me gazin. Hella wicked the way I tried to compartmentalize, The way your natural perfume causes everything else to cease from existence. Tried to act like it don’t matter. That I could survive The pain beginning to erupt From denyingContinue reading Sage