For You. 

Of course I loved you.
Of course I still care. We are human after all.

When you couldn’t ask. I relinquished loves hold. Did I not set you free? 

When you couldn’t ask. I released you from unattainable promises. Why do you still act so guilty? There are no expectations.

Yes. I left. No. I did not look back. 

I waited for you to approach the finish line, but you have yet to catch up to your own.

Maybe when you finally do. We can meet in the middle and be friends. 

For You • Let Go 


He asked me, “What does it take to be your friend?”

I looked at him.

Silently weighing him against 

My shaping of what friendship is to me.

I watch him watch me watching him 

And then his eyes trail elsewhere.

“My eyes are up here,” I tell him. 

Then I say, “well that depends.”

He said, “depends on what?”

I said, “on whether or not you’ve ever been friends with a womyn you didn’t want to fuck.”

Eyes wide. Steps back. Jaw dropped. 

He said, “what?”

I asked, “hard of hearing now?”

Watched him silently contemplate my question. 

Watched his mouth open and close trying not to lie. 

Watched the gears turning work through a decision. 

So I asked him, “if I deem you worthy of friendship. Will you honor me?”

Looked around confused like I was down on one knee with a proposal.

Giggled at his slight discomfort. I grace him with a smile. 

“Don’t worry. Be easy,” I say. 

He says, “somehow this don’t feel so easy.”

I smile. Part lips and say, “to be friends with me takes work. You have my friendship for as long as you choose to honor it.”

He nods. “And if I mess up?”

So I tell him, “you will. I will. We will. But if you’re willing to make amends I will always meet you in the middle.”

Honest | Let Go