When You Internalize

He showered me with false smiles

filled the void with sweet sweet nothing

until I bathed in hues of blues and yellows

Black, as eyes rolled to the back of my skull.

So when I saw finally saw the goddess in me.

I left.

– Disconnected Numbers | Let Go


lets just call it a day, 

so tired of the pretense

get with it 

or leave me alone, shorty. 

real me just wanna vibe

don’t let that ego kill it

sink this ship

that was built

got no time for the 

consumption of this hate

you seem to be serving up on a platter

nah, shorty not interested. 

too ready for love; gotta keep it clean

keep it vibin or keep it pushin,

aint you heard, it aint personal,

i just…

i just wanna vibe out to the love

lets trip off that good hit

when you strike like i stroke it 

baby, i just…

i just wanna invest time 

in the original simplicity that gave birth to our universe

called God, sweet oshun, divine living inside me

baby, i see all this love to give

so much to receive, what you playin for?

baby i just…

fell in love with all this female energy 

got me dreaming up new cosmos 

where light never dies, infinite. 

like endless breathe, energy so intoxicating; ooze goodness,  

god i just…

miss that natural high that had us trippin 

off glory that made the soul sing

– love