You had nirvana. Traded down for those Everyday rentals, everybody been in and out of there. Ain’t you get the memo? New girl is old girl Boo don’t be mad. Nah. Hold on to them receipts, Box it up real pretty, Hit’em come first of the month, Repetitions will have a nigga flat broke ButContinue reading Higher.

Sip On It.

Hungry for it? Come sip from this fountain. I said sip, not guzzle. Darling, are you trying to choke? Let’s not behave desperately. I wanna feel every minute of work you put in. Thirsty for it. Come eat all this divinity Until I say stop of course.


I’m writer. A poet.I write what’s in me.  Find some sweetener for that salt, Truth tellin ain’t supposed to be easy.  But imma do it, imma bring it,  So all you must do is please get ready. Stay ready. Born • Let Go