i want you to come down low
give it to me real good like a number one should.
can you hear me?
give it to me real good like a number one should.
are ya listenin?
im feelin all that ecstasy
when we freakin in the sheets
can ya feel me?
im livin for the raunchy way
ya lookin at me.
yeah, i know you want me.

but it’s time to stop,
take a break,
pull it back,
take a moment to reflect
if this is where ya wanna be.
cuz baby, if ya gotta ask
then maybe – it aint.
thats oki, thats oki.
i aint lonely these days,
this love it be poppin,
so hella damn faded;
i float.
ya won’t forget it.
leave ya hella frantic.

so if this is where ya want to be
let me know cuz
i just want a number one, number one
that undying,
leave the money behind
pack ride and just dip right quick.
share our magic
birthed from our creations
original thinkers the only true risk takers
so i want you to show me.
i want ya to come down low
give it to me real good like a number one should.
do ya feel me?


Day 22: Hung Over & Hang Ups

she don’t party like she used to,

because 1) we didn’t used to party,

and 2) because 2am crashes teach us that,

the way our body is set up

is that we need function better on 8-9 hours of rested sleep.

so get it together, you chose this, now ride it out

until face meets bed.

Day 21: Karaoke + Friends + 2AM

Quotes of The Night: 

“Who comes to karaoke and doesn’t sing?!”

“You’re singing.”

“Ya, always wanna do a group thing.”

“Who picked this song? …and she not even singing.”

“If you were to sing, which song would you want to to do?”

“Hey ma, ya don’t wanna go somewhere and kick it after this?”

“lmaooo, girl you missed it. I’ll tell you later.”

“What are we listening to?”

“My ears are crying!”

“Did that white girl really say nigga and think it was oki because it was in a song?!!!”

“…wow…these white girls really out here saying nigga. racist as fuck.”