you should let me go off.
let me run shit for a while,
let me show’em what they
think they know looks like.
i promise not to be gentle.
i promise not to be kind.
i promise to enjoy every minute of it
so come on, let me play,
just let me go off.
one side of me | diez


i told you not to get excited.
told you not to talk her up to those who mattered,
cuz i could see it coming.
i told ya, but ya didnt want to listen.
now look at you. back at one.
time invested, feelings wasted,
and the future i told you would be coming.
one side of me | nueve


i told you and you didnt believe me.
didnt i tell you eventually everybody leaves.
didnt i tell you not to look her way. not to speak.
quite frankly you deserve what you’re getting.
stop trynna let those in that dont want in.
just stop.
one side of me | cinco