sometimes its not me.
you tell me we’ve met before
so i nod trusting that what you say is true.
you tell me i’ve shared this magnificent smile
i’ve heard nothing about before
so you show me.
images flash across my mind
like an old momento
and im captivated by this womyn you speak of.
she seems so nice,
soft around the edges;
genuinely presently living in the moment.
i nod in hopes of some sort of recollection
but it escapes me.
my body has moved without my permission
and i wonder if you know that
sometimes its not me or havent you realized yet.
one side of me series | dos


are you ready move?
are you ready to get up
on out my way,
i aint come to play.
i picked a side
now its time for you to choose.
what can i say
when the darkness is more enticing
than the light.
try to get me to talk smooth,
but this mouth is reckless,
effortlessly spittin out truth.
what can i say
sometimes i enjoy it when it stings.
see its like breathing
and sometimes this nice talk has me suffocating.
thought maybe i’d let her loose,
let her stretch her legs,
let that tounge run a couple miles.
you have no idea,
but sometimes i just wait for ya to push that right button.
but half of ya done punked out
and got me bored here waitin;
like come on what you scared for?
what you worried for?
its all cute and games
when im out here chillin on my zen shit,
testin me, laughin like nah she aint goin pop,
till you realize zen took a break
and the devils got this tongue twisted
eagerly awaiting ya silent request for a lashing.
yeah i said it. so go on. keep testin me.
one side of me series | uno


a thousand more.

im showing you how you make me feel,
so forgive me
if i say something in my excitement
a bit too soon,
i can’t help how over the moon
i feel with you.

im showing you how important you make me,
so forgive me
if i say something in my astonishment
that seems a little shocking
it’s more that it feels scary for me 
to have to share what matters 
with a world that’s forgotten
how to nurture wilting flowers in its garden.

im showing you
why you needn’t worry,
i want to be transparent,
the rarity whose steps
speak as nakedly  
as the day we are born.
i’d like to die to live
a thousand more times
and maybe even a thousand more
just to keep knowing you.

an ode to mother. mère.

i had forgotten this feeling…
this feeling of contentment
that seems to wash over us
only when the silence can be filled
by the sounds of an old comb
unknotting its way through our hair…
i wonder, why i had forgotten?
when had i forgotten,
how soothing this could feel,
how reminiscent of home this could be like…
the strokes of mother’s fingers
lull me into safety, there’s no sound,
and it smells like olives & sweet vanilla…
this is when our heart beats
seem to sync
and i can feel the stillness of the ocean inside me
welcoming me home…

i wonder. je me demande.

beautifully exquisite.
i wish i could know every sensation
coursing through her as she comes.
it’s when her head appears to yearn
to meet the mid of her back
that i find myself wanting to devour her.
i wish that i could wrap her scent
around me like that security blanket
that only it could get me to sleep.
is it wrong to feel this good?
is it so wrong to show it?
dont we all want to know
how the other makes us feel?
i wish i could be the eyes
she hides behind lids
when the sun decides to shine
to blind.
i wanna link visions,
birth epiphanies,
revive the best of time,
i want you to be able to see inside me.
i wish i could swim inside
the shell beating, housing her soul;
i wonder the stories i’d find living there.