you got the wickedest flow,
nice with the mental,
i like the way you lap me up
like ya favorite dessert.
ya spoil me with better,
im hooked, hot, hip
to the spread before me.
careful, i’ve been starved
and i’m known to be a glutton,
but hey what can i say,
you make me feel good.



there is nothing really left to say,
except…I wish you well.
don’t come back. there isn’t a home here for you.
i’ve changed shape,
but im not the missing piece to your puzzle;
i found my own puzzle worth solving.
i said don’t come back here there isnt a home for you.
sat there chillin,
told me i was crazy, trippin,
when i was right on the money.
so stay. stay where you chose to be;
pity can’t catch me, suffering don’t phase me,
i said don’t come back here.
don’t knock on my door
pretending to be someone else;
your charms lost it’s shine,
but maybe it was never there to begin with.
i said, don’t you dare come back.
i staged a cleansing,
burned every wall lined with memories of you,
took a detox from the overloading of
sccent i used to want to drown from.
there is nothing really left to say
except…don’t you dare come back.
i wish you well.




i want you to come down low
give it to me real good like a number one should.
can you hear me?
give it to me real good like a number one should.
are ya listenin?
im feelin all that ecstasy
when we freakin in the sheets
can ya feel me?
im livin for the raunchy way
ya lookin at me.
yeah, i know you want me.

but it’s time to stop,
take a break,
pull it back,
take a moment to reflect
if this is where ya wanna be.
cuz baby, if ya gotta ask
then maybe – it aint.
thats oki, thats oki.
i aint lonely these days,
this love it be poppin,
so hella damn faded;
i float.
ya won’t forget it.
leave ya hella frantic.

so if this is where ya want to be
let me know cuz
i just want a number one, number one
that undying,
leave the money behind
pack ride and just dip right quick.
share our magic
birthed from our creations
original thinkers the only true risk takers
so i want you to show me.
i want ya to come down low
give it to me real good like a number one should.
do ya feel me?



ooooo they said you back and you nasty with it.
i keep tellin ’em,
ya gotta keep it pushin
like that good blue
with that good dream.
damn we lifted.
faded out of disbelief
they wanna make a dreamer out of me,
but i can’t take it.
ain’t no way i can stomach the
overall hipocrasy,
ya judgments laced in these comments.

“look at that good hair.”
“She came out so pretty.”
“she get that nice brown tone in the sun.”
“Mmm, wouldn’t she prettier if we straightened out these curls.”
“this mane is crazy. let me pull it.”
“man, if i had yo body.”
“hahaha you skinny bitch.”
“hey light skinned.”
“church girl what you doing?”
“well, ain’t she just lucky.”
“why don’t you smile for us.”

the illusion hasn’t eluded me
so how can i? smile i mean.
how can i smile
as you continue to pass down
the mandate that’s got us so damn disconnected.
crazy how all the expression of micros
projects all the ill you out here feelin.
kinda hard to take a pause,
reflect like we don’t know where that shit is rooted,
maybe that’s why i stick around our commune,
findin ways to keep on dealin
until we can breathe some of that good livin.
priorities man.




i haven’t told her,
and the truth is i probably won’t.
the truth tends to take on its own translation
once it lands in her ears.
so i settle for watching the inevitable,
completly still when it all begins to implode.
she tends to takes them on;
tells me not,
take the world off your shoulders,
but with her its like
the one thing she always want to do.
they ask me where i get it from;
so i settle on silence –
its none of your business, nah i dont want you to know me.
so i settle for resting my eyes on her.
she doesn’t see the wears and tears
that are beginning to form around
the corners of her eye lids.
but there they are there. they exisit.
softly smiling,
i am reminded again
that there isnt much time left.
that one day this too will end.
so i tell her stop.
lets share that last little drop of sunshine
that’s been fighting to come;
take the world off your shoulders for a minute.
ease some peace back into your heart
before the last of blistering blues
threaten to snuff it all out.
she pauses for a minute.
she’s still learning to find the softness
underneath the bite of my tone.
she huffs at me. i don’t want her on eggshells. again.
i shrug my shoulders
out of the tension,
break out a sigh,
cool the eyes
and im present again.
i unlench my jaw and smile,
because again im reminded that this too will end.
there isn’t much time left.
so i help her place the world on a shelf for a moment,
i watch meak become tall,
crying lungs cry even harder in thanks for the ease of breath,
i can feel her heart pounding again;
less intensly this time,
less like it’s gonna drop any minute now,
because quite frankly thats a tough pill to swallow
and the truth is i don’t ever want to.